Wednesday, December 15, 2021

More Body Damage

Continuing on with the saga of body work... I knew there was something not-so-good under the paint.  But it could be worse.

I knew that I would need to do something about the passenger's rear quarter.  There is an obvious repair there that I was not happy about, but I was hoping it was easy to fix.  It won't be terrible, but it's not good.

Those panels are riveted over the top of God knows what.  It looks like something got dropped on the car - The panel was caved in and very poorly yanked out.  There was 1/4" of filler in this area that was easier to chip off than to grind away.

I have a patch panel for the "dog leg" on the way.  That will take care of most of the problem at the bottom of the door.  The other piece - I'll have to cut that off (well, remove the rivets) and fix it properly.  And I have NO idea how to straighten that horrible work on the top of the wing.  I may have to buy a fancy puller.  So, tools!

I think this is the worst of it.  The headlight bucket rim on the passenger's front has some rust, but that's easy enough to fabricate.  I got the door to adjust up a bit and it fits the opening much better now.  The really expensive fixes don't have to be made, so I think I am getting away with a lot here.  The rest of the car can just be scuffed down and touched up to be ready for primer with only a couple of dents and dings to fill.

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