Sunday, August 21, 2022

Body Work IV: The Voyage to Primer

You Star Trek People out there will get it.

I got soooooo close to having Alice in primer this weekend.  I spent Saturday from dawn to dusk (well, pretty close) working out kinks and details.  I thought I would be ready on Sunday with just 'a couple of touchups' to do.  But alas, those couple of touchups turned into another 6 hours of fixes because I am a perfectionist.

On the bright side, I got through all sanding passes to 320 grit and aside from one or two more little things I found (which really are little), I am ready to build a redneck paint booth and apply primer.

I also managed to straighten out my front valance, though I am actively seeking a new (well, new to me) part that would be nicer.  The one I have needs a lot of work to make it look nice.

I am excited.  And very, very tired.

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