Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Home Stretch I

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I think it's a train.  I am getting close to wrapping up metal work on Alice, but it's going to be a long last mile... 

In what has become a familiar refrain, I knew there was something bad under the driver's side dogleg and sill.  I was hoping for the best -- but of course, I got the worst.  When I removed the flashing (yes, from a house) that covered both of them, I found...

That doesn't look too bad, right?  But wait for it...


Fine.  So, I started by cleaning things up and cutting out all the rot.

I sprayed everything with a rust converter to try and stop the spread, but you'll see that later.

I discovered I needed the closing panel at the back of the dogleg.  I had one - but it was for the passenger's side.  Fortunately, I have a vise and a hammer.  Now I had a closing panel for the driver's side.

To start, I made a panel to replace the rotted section of the inner sill.  It's a flat rectangle, so it wasn't all that hard.  I welded it in place, and then welded in my closing panel.  After a little cleanup, I have a sound inner sill once more.  Well, mostly.  I have a small spot I have to close up.

That's all I had time for this week, so stay tuned for our next episode!

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