Monday, September 19, 2022

Avengers... Assemble!

Now that Alice is wearing her new coat, it's time to make her look like a car again.  This weekend, I got a great start on that.

First, I went through all of these boxes and sorted things out.

I also painted the boot semi-gloss black, as I couldn't get it done in body color.  It would have been a huge pain in the... boot.

I did all of the 'easy stuff' first.

  • Installed the horns and front grille
  • Assembled the front bumper and mounted to the car
  • Mounted the rear bumper to the car
  • Installed the rear and side marker lamps
  • Installed the exhaust system
  • Installed the gas tank and fuel pump
  • Installed the headlight buckets and lamps

I also had to make a trip up to Prescott Valley to source some new headlight buckets.  The ones on the car had rusted through and were not repairable.  Fortunately, these buckets are ubiquitous and were easy to source.  I got a couple of good ones and cleaned them up.  The original wiring was okay and has been cleaned and reused.

The result looks like a car!

I love the look of the body painted bumpers.

That was enough for Saturday.

Sunday was much less productive.  I managed only a few things:

  • Install the logo on the boot lid
  • Install the heater and fresh air vent
  • Install the battery box and new leads
  • Install the fuel lines
  • Clean up the license plate frame

That heater was a bear.  There is a rubber block that acts as a seal between the heater box and the interior.  That block does not compress like the original closed-cell foam seal.  I ended up trimming the top 3/4" of the block back by 1/4" and using some closed cell strip foam to make up the gap.  The heater fit with only a minimum of shoving after that.

But it's in.

Now I have to find some hose that will work to replace the rotted emissions canister hoses.  These are N/A from everywhere, it seems.  I am sure I can find something.

I'll keep working on stuff over the week and have a plan for next weekend:

  • Remove the bonnet and boot lids, install seals and pads, and remount
  • Rebuild the quarter lights with new seals
  • Mount the doors and install hardware and windows
  • Wire the car (plug stuff in and run a new power lead for the fuel pump)

I'll leave you with this.  It's so pretty!

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