Monday, September 26, 2022


Alice got her glass slippers this weekend...

I like them.  Juliette does too.

The only problem is that one has a slow leak.  Oddly, it's in the same locale where the old tire had a slow leak (the driver's rear).  I'm sure it's an easy fix.

I also finished up a couple of other things:

  • Ran a new fuel pump lead and wired up the pump, and installed the cover
  • Ran the wiring in the boot and aside from one fix, is connected
  • Ran the wiring for the front marker and headlights and hooked it all up
  • Installed the battery box and leads with hold-down (but I have to fix one that didn't hook in to its hole properly)
  • Installed the accelerator cable (by modifying a Midget cable, and it worked great)
I also got a start on the seats, but this isn't going well.  Watch for my next post...

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