Monday, November 14, 2022

Driving On To The Green

In my last post, I talked about my (successful) last-minute rear suspension rebuild on Thursday.  Friday was a bit of an adventure too.  But we did make it on to the field!

Friday, I took Juliette out for a drive in her car.  (Cool.)

Juliette quickly mastered the Art of the Third Pedal.  She just needs practice.  Unfortunately, she didn't get enough... after an hour of driving around, we were about to head home - and Alice stalled.  No amount of cranking would get her started.

I ended up having to tow her home with my neighbor's help.  It took a while, but I did figure out the problem.  The front carburetor float bowl is overflowing and dumping fuel into the evaporative system.  When it backs up, the carb can't pull fuel through the jet and it stalls even though you can smell gas everywhere.  I have new needles and seats on order.  I had replaced them, but I suppose sometimes that kind of thing just happens.

So once she was running again, I drove her about on Saturday (including to the grounds to help set up, and get oohed and ahhed over).  She does run great when this isn't happening!  But I also discovered that the 4th gear synchro is basically gone.  It just barely holds up when shifting, slowly, and letting the car drop to near idle.  I also found that the transmission will pop out of 3rd gear on overrun.  So the transmission needs a full rebuild - and I think I will just find another one to rebuild into an overdrive.

Anyhow - we made it to the show!  On Sunday morning I drove Gidget, then Alice to the grounds, and Juliette drove Alice onto the field.  She parked her, too.  Uphill and in reverse.  Super awesome!

Say hi to Finn.

The best part is that Alice took 3rd place in her class!  Not bad for a last minute job and no time to even cut, buff or wax.  She looked great (Alice, that is) and got lots of attention.

Now I have two cars to fawn over and take care of!

There's still more to take care of - I have to rewire the stereo to use the front speakers, and fix that fuel overflow issue.  I need to replace the window seal on the driver's door, so I will have to take the door apart.  Ugh.  I also need to do that front suspension rebuild.  The speedo's trip meter quit, so the dash has to come out for that.  While I'm there, I will replace the bulbs with LEDs so they can actually be seen at night.  There's a smell of coolant coming from the heater - oh please, let that not have to come out too!  And who knows what else with a newly assembled old car. 

Oh, and I have to install the hood.  You know, the top.

But hey, I went through stuff like this on Gidget.  And Alice has a lot going for her.  Her engine is strong with good oil pressure and performs well.  All her electrical stuff works.  (The horns are very loud.)  The interior is sweet.  She's fun to drive.  I'll get these little glitches ironed out and take Juliette for another drive.  Soon, she'll be driving Alice to school.  I can't wait!

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