Sunday, January 23, 2022

Back to Welding

Okay, break's over.  Back to metal.

I made some good progress this past weekend.  I think I may be done with the front of the car.  Mainly, the passenger's headlight bucket that was trashed and Bondoed.

I noticed some cracking of paint around the bucket and I knew the headlight rim was damaged (rusted).

It looks like someone ran into something, then got it 'fixed'.  Then, it rusted.

I wasn't going to just fill that back in.  So out came the broken metal, and in went the new.

That's soooooo much better.  A little filler to smooth it out is okay by me.

Then I closed up the hole in the headlight bucket.  (Not the big one, the rusted one.)

This doesn't have to be absolutely perfect since it's hidden behind the headlight bucket itself.  It will hold just fine and a little cleanup around the edge will make it invisible.

I may just be done with the passenger's side.  Back to the boot!

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