Friday, January 21, 2022

Center Console I

I need a break from welding, even if it's a short one.  So I think I will tackle the center console.

The easy part is ordering a new console.  The one I have is broken in the corner and a couple of other areas, and even with epoxy it won't last.  So I ordered one and all the bits.  Except for the striker (Stryker!), of course, because I forgot the one part I needed.

The part that worries me is the armrest.  The PO did some creative work to cover it, and who knows what's under there... so I endeavored to find out.  After removing a couple or three dozen staples, I received a pleasant surprise...

The original armrest is still there!  The foam is flat, but at least it's the right stuff.

I have a new armrest cover on order and will have to find some foam to improve it.  Stay tuned.

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