Sunday, February 6, 2022

Welding Progress Update

Update: I made some holes go away and got rid of some ugly stuff.

The hole where the filler neck enters the trunk looks better...

Of course, I found a couple of new holes I need to fix.  But those will be easy.  The floor actually has structural integrity again!

I also got rid of that really ugly 'repair' the PO did on the passenger's rear quarter panel.  It took me all of two hours to cut it out, make the repair panel, weld it in and grind it down.  And while it's not perfect, it will take barely a skim coat of filler to even it up.  I am much happier about this repair.

Compared to before, even after a bunch of work on the panel:

Muuuuuuch better.

I'll continue working on the trunk floor to close up two large problems and a couple of smaller ones.  Then I have the rear valance and the driver's side dogleg and sill to fix.  And then I can be done with metal work!

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